Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had to bribe Thomas with an apple tart or he would not let us have this. And I can tell you that his apple tart was a lot bigger then this little gem!

Top met vleugels

At en toe maak ik ook nog wel eens wat voor mezelf. Zoals deze top met volants uit een Knipmode van vorig jaar. De stof bracht Mama een jaar geleden al mee, tricot is pas sinds kort in opmars hier. Met de locker kon ik het lekker snel in elkaar zetten.

Het is in feite een simpele mouwloze top met volants die tussen de midden- en zijpanden zitten en als mouwen fungeren.

Tree cutting

Just as we were about to start the nap, we noticed men with helmets in the back yard. When Thomas spotted the gear they had parked in the driveway, I understood that this would be a nap-less day.

 3 Hours later:
We will have enough wood to keep us warm this winter, I guess.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little Sailor

A few weeks before Memorial Day I ran into this fabric. They are supposed to be American colors, if you are in the United States. But the French and the Dutch flag have the exact same colors. So actually, this fits Thomas perfectly! So, instead of thinking "Memorial Day" I thought "Little Sailor".

I first made a prototype for the shorts:


Nu Thomas wat zekerder is op de Wishbone Bike vinden we het goed dat hij er ook mee naar buiten gaat. Niet zonder helm natuurlijk

Bergop is helemaal zo makkelijk niet...

Gelukkig is het nieuwe er een beetje af nu. Het is nl niet zo eenvoudig een peuter over te halen de helm even af te zetten zodat de haren gewassen kunnen worden.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What to do with 1 yard of fabric?

Make a few T-shirts!

I have a little bit of fabric left, enough for a baby sized shirt.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cleaning help

Who likes household chores? I guess that it all depends.... if you are a toddler and you get to operate a loud machine, would that change your idea about vacuuming?

I think we need to change the bag:

Don't you love to get cleaning help?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We needed a change of decor, Thomas and I, so we joined Dad when he went to Boston for a conference. It has been very nice, and Thomas loved it.

He learned a lot of things. How to use public restrooms, for example. He has a, if you ask me, healthy resistance to them but recognizes that they can be useful. Or that you don't need to give a dirty look to every stranger who makes a comment. He would be frowning all day long, way to tiring and no fun.
I was in doubt about the stroller. In the end I didn't take it. At first I regretted that decision, I would have walked further, seen more. But then we took the T (=metro) and I don't see how you use public transportation in this city with a stroller. Or a wheelchair for that matter. So if you go sightseeing in a strange city, do take your stroller. Except if you go to Boston, take a (soft structured) carrier.

I an embarrassed to admit it, but when we went first arrived in Boston five years ago I felt constantly overdressed. I thought people were ill dressed, boring, clumsy. But now, after three years in Pittsburgh it was the opposite. Right away I headed to the nearest shop to buy new clothes: jeans, T-shirt and boat shoes was not gonna cut it in this town. I should have known better. This is what three years in Suburbia does to you.

Was that the reason that none of the doormen helped me when I struggled to get out of the taxi right in front of the hotel? Hardly.
We stayed in the famous Park Plaza, one of the oldest hotels in Boston. JFK stayed there, and Clinton, and I don't know who else. $260 a night, you expect something for that, don't you? Like a doorman holding the door for you when you try to get in with a toddler and a few bags. Why don't they have sliding doors anyway? Not once has anyone opened a door for me and my little one. Anyone who is paid to do so, that is, because perfect strangers did it all the time. And while I'm at it, let me tell you more about this place. The room: rather small, 2 Queen size beds. I have stayed in much cheaper hotels with 2 King size beds, just sayin. An old fashioned TV, no flat screen. Now, I would be happy in a room without TV, we didn't use it. But for this price, don't you expect at least a small flat screen? This TV took up half the room!
No minibar. That's right, no minibar. I thought that every hotel room had one, I was wrong. Normally we never use it, but it would have been practical to keep some yoghurt cold. Thomas likes yoghurt as a snack.
Then the bathroom: excuse me, but this is a joke. Think France in the Fifties. Seriously, for $260 a night you expect more then just hot and cold running water!
Not all is negative: the location of this hotel is fantastic. Shopping districts are nearby, the beautiful gardens are across the street, a T-stop is right in front of it. 

Breakfast: this is when you realize that it is going to be hard to give your child real food. As in: no sugar, no additives, no junk. REAL food. Yes, they have fruit. That's about it. No whole wheat bread, no yoghurt, nothing REAL. Oh no, I'm sorry, they had milk.

But this is Boston, so you have options. We had dinner at Vapiano, a cool, modern pizza place. Thomas insisted that we have pizza. We ordered one with roasted vegetables (you can't blame us for trying) but he wouldn't go near it. "This" was not a pizza. So the next day he got his Margherita with extra olives, in the form of a bunny.
And there is always Whole Foods

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Als je eenmaal op dreef bent maak je zo'n T-shirt in een oogwenk, dat wil zeggen in minder dan een uur.

Het patroon is uit Ottobre Magazine. Slim fit, dat moeten we hebben voor dit smal manneke.

De pasvorm is inderdaad erg "slim", dus de volgende versie toch maar ietsje breder gemaakt.

Dit laatste T-shirt, met bootjes, is trouwens een recycle project, het was 2 jaar geleden een slaapzak.