Saturday, October 25, 2014


Isn't that a pretty name, Louisa? In this case, I am not going to talk about a person, but about a dress. The Louisa Dress from Compagnie-M.
It is a pattern with a couple of options, I went for piping and back inserts. It was a little bit technical but that is OK after so many T-shirts on the serger. I used a corduroy from my stash and  store bought piping.
First fitting, unhemmed:

The piping was not that easy

As you can see, the piping goes front to back without seam, but there is a side seam in the dress. So first you do the bottom part of the side seam, then add the piping and then finish the top part of the side seam. 

Do you see that button? It is more or less the exact same button as the one printed on the fabric! Sometimes you get lucky....

The finished dress, front and back. I used the same fabric for the shell and the back panel, but kept the piping. Action pictures:

Don't mind the leggings, they don't match but she would not take them of.

"Saskia, show me the pocket!"

"There is a pocket?"

"Oh yeah, look!"

Overall, I am happy with the pattern, there will be more Louisa dresses. In my opinion you will need some experience, the instructions alone are not enough. For example, it is unclear how the sleeves are  lined, if at all. I just made two dresses, one shell, one lining, and stitched them together, as I have always done, but maybe there is another way. For my skinny 2 year old I made size 1 year (80) without alterations. I think the dress fits well, although the shoulders and neckline are a bit wide. I will try to adjust that the next time.

All in all, I liked the result enough to try another Compagnie-M pattern: the Mara blouse.

More details later....

Monday, October 13, 2014

UWYH sweater for Thomas

It is more and more difficult to find prints that are appropriate for 6 year old boys. But sometimes it is simpeler than you think: add a pocket, elbow patches and some stitch lines to a solid from your stash and you're done!

Pattern: Ottobre

Monday, October 6, 2014


I liked the Dog Dress so much that I wanted to make more. And I did: a bambi one and another one that I did not take a picture of (but it is also really cute, I used Bora's En Route fabric)

I figured for this type of dress a big print is best, or maybe the other way round: for big prints this type of dress, simple and not too many seams, is best. I bought another Nosh fabric: the squirrels in green, but the vibe is too wintery. So I waited and made a winter dress:

Imagine with red tights, wouldn't that be cute?

I also played a little bit with the silhouette, here is the result (Saskia is into Bambi lately....)

Fabrics: Znok, Nosh Organics
Patterns: Ottobre

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Laat ik eens een recept delen: Krabtaart met oertomaten.

Neem een bodem naar keuze, ik maak altijd een korstdeeg maar ik neem aan dat een gekocht bladerdeeg ook wel lekker is. Terwijl het deeg ligt te rusten (of ontdooien) fruit je een stuk of 5 lente-uitjes (of een kleine prei) tot ze zacht zijn. Karameliseer met een eetlepel balsamico azijn en een eetlepel bruine basterdsuiker.
Rol het deeg uit en bekleed een bakvorm. Verdeel de ui over de bodem en verdeel er grof 100 gr ricotta over (er gaat niets boven zelfgemaakt!). Verdeel hierover een flinke portie krab, toch zeker wel 200 - 250 gram.
Klop in een kom 4 eieren los met 125 ml slagroom en 40 geraspte pecorino, schenk over de taart en laat het geheel in de oven op 180 graden gedurende 25 - 30 minuten gaar worden.
Neem de gare taart uit de oven en laat een beetje afkoelen. Snijd 3 tomaten (afhankelijk van de grootte uiteraard) in schijven en leg die op de taart. Snipper wat basilicum erover en eventueel nog een drupje olijfolie.
Ik kan maar 1 foto plaatsen, want de taart ging in één keer op!

Het recept is een variatie op een ricotta taart uit Delicious.

Eet smakelijk!