Friday, January 15, 2016


Saskia draagt zo graag jurkjes, ik ben zelfs gezwicht voor een Frozen-jurk (foto volgt nog), "Princess-dress" zoals het hier genoemd wordt.
Deze jurkjes zijn perfect voor kleine prinsesjes, maar toch draagbaar in het gewone leven of als je even geen prinses wil zijn.

Saskia loves to wear dresses, she even talked me into making a Frozen-dress (picture will follow later), a "Princess-dress" as she calls it.
These dresses are perfect for little princesses, but perfectly wearable in everyday life, or when you had enough of being a princess...

Patroon: Ottobre
Stof: dunne sweatshirt knit

Christmas dress

This year's Christmas dress has been the same as last year's, and the year's before: Oottobre's "Autumn Roses". This time with a sash and flower:

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 facts

Beginning 2015 someone said to me: "All that fabric you buy, are you really using it all?" So I started keeping track of each yard of fabric I buy and how much money I spend on it. Here its the result:
In 2015 I bought 79 pieces of fabric, and I made 75 garments. HA!!!
YES, I DO use it all!
However, from the 79 pieces of fabric I bought in 2015, I used only 41, the other 38 came from my stash. But still, de facto my stash has grown with only 4 pieces os fabric: 79 in, 75 out. Not bad, not bad at all.