Sunday, January 20, 2013

From beach towel to bathrobe

Thomas likes going to the swim lesson, but one thing bothers him: he's cold. After half an hour in the water he comes out all shivering and with blue lips. Poor guy. So dad suggested we get him a bathrobe to snuggle up in after class. It is not easy to find the right fabric for this on the bolt, but a beach towel works just fine. I used this project to try out the flatlock stitch on my serger. If the stitch is strong enough and holds up well it is ideal because it makes the garment reversible in one step.
Pattern: Ottobre

Baby Surprise Jacket

I joined a knitalong to make Elizabeth Zimmerman's famous Baby Surprise Jacket.  A jacket like any other, nothing special, except that it is knitted in one piece (almost, only 1 seam) So how do you knit in different directions at once? I was curious so I purchased the yarn and started knitting. I had no idea what I was doing and even after casting off I was not sure this was going to be a jacket.

But then you fold it this way and that way and tadaaaa:


 I don't really see the point of a dress for a baby, especially during winter, but I made one anyway.

Another Ottobre pattern. It looked quite big, but once on the baby it is OK. The cuffs would have been better in apple green but purple was what I had on hand. Because of the length it will fit a long time as it is large enough, and when the arms are too short I cut off the cuffs and it will be a short sleeve tunic. Now that I think of it, it is a very economical pattern.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New outfit

It's getting cold, baby girl is growing out of her clothes, so I got to work:
A little tunic/dress.

I spotted this dress in my local yarn store, got the name of the pattern and a hank of yummie Malabrigo sock yarn. An easy knit, comfortable to wear (not to mention easy to put on!) and quite cute. It's even cuter with pink leggins....

And an outfit made with another type of needles: those of a sewing machine

Little helper

Little kids mostly want to do what you do. Use it to your advantage....