Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Owl Princess to be exact. An Ottobre pattern I recently discovered, very simple but enchanting.

The pants are another "Summer pull-ons". I did not have a lot of fabric so I had to cut up the front leg. Turned out well, I think...

Friday, November 20, 2015

Body warmer

So this was an attempt to incorporate boy, cool and embroidery in one project. Embroidery on boy's clothing? A challenge, but I think I did well.
However, this was a major headache project, and not because of the embroidery. Pictures first:

Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.
It started with me making a mistake while cutting that sent me back to the store to get more fabric, and ended with me bringing my overstitch machine to the dealer for a repair. There were much more hiccups along the road but I won't bother you with those.
But I do like the bear!

Pattern: Ottobre
Fabric: fleece from Joann's

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Denim skirt

Remember last post's denim pants? I had a little fabric left over, just enough to get a skirt out of it in size 92. It is still a bit big, but she'll grow into it.

Pattern: "Mini dots" from Ottobre
Embroidery: Schnabelina's mandala

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Another Ottobre pattern: Heather. Really nothing special, but useful.

Weer een Ottobre patroon: Heather. niks bijzonders, functioneel.

The cut is quite square and loose, the back drops lower then the front. I embroidered this one with a cute geisha girl from Designs by JuJu.
The pants are "Clarabella", corduroy.

De snit is nogal los en vierkant, het achterpand valt over de billen. Ik heb er een schattig geisha meisje op geborduurd van Designs by JuJu.
De broek is "Clarabella", babyrib.

The next 'Heather" is made with the same summer sweatshirt fabric as the first, other color, and the bunny is heat transfer vinyl.
The pants are "Summer Pull-ons" in denim.

Voor de volgende 'Heather' heb ik dezelfde summer sweat gebruikt als voor de eerste, andere kleur zoals je ziet, en het konijn is flockfolie. 
De broek is "Summer Pull-ons" van spijkerstof.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Ik had al verteld dat ik een nieuwe machine aan mijn "atelier" heb toegevoegd? Namelijk een borduurmachine, zo leuk om te doen! Ik heb de machine gebruikt om Saskia's traktatie te maken voor school. Op onze school is het verboden eetbare dingen uit te delen (goddank!!), je hoeft helemaal niets uit te delen als je dat niet wil, ook goed. De meeste kinderen geven iets kleins, je hebt ook de optie iets voor de klas te kopen, de juf heeft een wishlist waar je iets kiezen kan. Dat hebben we de laatste jaren gedaan en dat was prima. Maar Saskia zag het wel zitten, iets uitdelen aan ieder kind afzonderlijk. Enter: borduurmachine! Gingen we de zoveelste potlood/stickervel/glitterglue uitdelen? Nee dus. Ik had deze sleutelhangers gezien en ze waren een groot succes.

Did I tell you about my latest purchase, the embroidery machine? It is so much fun! I used the machine to make Saskia's Birthday treat at school. Our school does not allow edible treats (thank God!), you don't have to give anything at all for that matter. You also have the option to buy something for the classroom, the teacher has a wish list to choose from. This is what we did previous years, but Saskia wanted to give something to each child. Enter the embroidery machine! Were we going to give out another pencil/sticker sheet/glitterglue stick? Of course not. I made these key fobs and they were a huge succes.

Er kwamen zoveel leuke reacties op, van moeders en de juffen. Ik had ze bewust gender neutral gehouden (dus geen roze) maar wel allemaal verschillend.

The reactions the next day were very positive, I had moms telling me that their kids were so proud having their own key fob, I made them gender neutral (no pink) but all different.


The next pattern I tried was "Ines" from an older Ottobre (2010 I think), that turned out cute.
(OK, I just want to spam some Saskia-pictures, so brace yourself)

These things always end with some goofiness.....

Friday, November 13, 2015

PJ's and left overs

PJ's from a  nice, soft (but busy) print from l"oiseau, and the left overs became a set of underwear (yes,yes!)

Patterns: Ottobre

Thursday, November 12, 2015

First day of school

Yes..... THE day: first day of school. Isn't she great? And ready and big girl and all?
Pffff, time flies!
Blouse is from Compagnie-M, skirt is a rectangle attached to a waistband.
Fabrics by Michael Miller.
Shoes: Live & Luca

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jeans 1.1

So the last pair did not fit, but a size 92 would be too big.  This means I have to try grading. I picked another Ottobre pattern: Knicker Bocker. At first I did not like this pattern at all, judging by the picture in the magazine..... not my style. But then I saw what other people had done with it, and I decided give it a try. The grading was not a problem (the pattern starts only at size 92 and I needed an 86), but apparently Saskia is growing fast, these pants are almost to short! And I put on embroidery and everything... But they are cute nonetheless

I thought they should have a matching top and look what I found in my stash: a jersey in a perfect matching color! It is ALWAYS important to have a stash....

By the way, the top in the forst pictures is last years dress. Also an Ottobre pattern but from a fall/winter issue, I shortened the sleeves and hem and voilĂ : a T-shirt.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


She should have some jeans, I thought. "Alvin" from Ottobre seemed about right, but in size 86 these patterns are still assuming the kid would be wearing a diaper. And she is not. So see for yourself....


It's a shame I didn't blog these dresses earlier, but here they are:

The blue one is from Miller's Wee Wander collection, the bambi is a panel from bambiblauw.be.
Pattern: Kerstin, Ottobre