Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pinafore dress

Last week I said that sewing your own clothes does not save you money unless you recycle. So I digged up an old skirt of myself and made a dress for Saskia. Not only did it not cost a thing, I have an extra zipper now.

The fabric is a baby rib, aka corduroy, the shoulder bands are lined with cotton. I am pleased with the rolled seam on the sleeves, no problem at all. It is an old Ottobre pattern from 2009. I think many of these dresses will follow in the warmer months.


Remember last year's duffel coat? The fabric store carries the melton in different colors, also in deep purple. Really very beautiful so I bought some to make a coat for Saskia. I had a precise idea: knew what pattern to use, what fabric to use for the lining. But I didn't want to mess it up, so I did  a trial run:

This is a cotton velour knit, the lining is a thin fleece. I appliqu├ęd a few owls on the back and the lady has a choice how to wear the garment: with an oversized collar....
....or with a hood
A simple but clever pattern from Ottobre. I love the looks we get when we are in a store: Saskia wears the hood when we come in, but once inside I unzip it, there is always someone making a comment.

The melton however, is still sitting in the stash. Somehow little babies and carseats do not go well together, and she is not old enough to do a lot of walking, so there is not really a point. When she is bigger she will need a coat more often, and next year it will be cold again. No big deal, fabric is patient.....

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sewing clothes saves you money?

Honestly? Mostly not. It depends on what you want to achieve, but designer fabric, one of a kind embellishments, organic cotton or non-toxic dyes have a price tag. Not to mention the machines (ahum.... plural) you are sewing with.
But you save a lot by recycling or re-purposing. This bathrobe for example: at the end of last summer I picked up a beach towel for $ 7, as of today it will keep Thomas warm and dry after swim lesson.
This was a quick project, cut the towel into pieces, sew them back together, ad bias binding, done.

A few notes:
This beach towel was very thick, as a result the robe is a bit on the small side. Same size pattern, thicker fabric results in a smaller garment. This has happened to me before, I really should know better. I will be happy of Thomas can wear it until spring. However, this giant beach towel was just enough, I did not have an inch of fabric left. Even if I had wanted to, I could not have cut more generously. So next time I will need two (or it will be a summer version with short sleeves).