Saturday, September 8, 2012

Body warmer

After all the baby stuff, something for Thomas: a body warmer.

I bought the traffic sign fabric with a long sleeve hoodie in mind. But the colors are quite cold and the print is a little bit loud. So I ended up pairing the fabric with fleece and put the print on the inside as the lining. We are quite happy with the result!
It was easy to make, no visible seams so you don't need to worry about finishing them. Finished just in time for the cooler days ahead.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Outfit for babygirl

First the bodysuits, then the jumpsuit, now a real outfit: pants with 2 tops.

The animal fabric is from my stash. I had bought it for Thomas more than a year ago, but the amount of pink made it too girly. The vest is wearable on both sides.
The tunic and pants have long arm/leg cuffs so there is room to grow. You can use them folded up in the beginning, and fold them down as the child grows.