Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scooters and Dogs

Two new long sleeves:

Next time I will clean his face before taking a picture....

Pattern: Ottobre size 122 (when did that happen??)
Fabric: Nosh Organics

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Elephants x 4

I love Ottobre patterns for kids. They provide good basics patterns that you can make over and over again, like this one:
Nr 1, size 62:

Nr 2, size 74:

Nr 3, size 80:
This one has a fake piping: a strip of very curly jersey.

Nr 4, size 80:
I wanted to repeat the fake piping, but used a folded strip of jersey. It did not turn out that well, I should have used a proper piping, a folded strip of fabric with a cord in it, or the curly version like in nr 3.

Also, I got clumsy with the framilon in the bottom hem. I first stitched it to the bottom edge of the skirt, and then cut it off again when attaching the ribbing with the overlocker. Not clever. So this one does not have the bubble-effect. No big deal, though. This is still a bit too big, nr 3 is thicker fabric (sweatshirt) and fits nicely, so this will be more of a spring dress.
I really like how this fabric (Little Elephants from Lillestoff) turns out once it is sewn into a garment. In general, Lillestoff is wonderful to work with.
Pattern of the 3/2013 issue of Ottobre.

Christmas dresses

A bit late, but I did make so called special occasion dresses for the Holidays. The winter Ottobre had a classic pattern that included tule, perfect! In my local fabric store I bought a beautiful cotton velour in 2 colors in order to make different versions of the dress. Here is the result:

The first one without tule, the second with

The pattern is called "Autumn Roses", I like it a lot. It is easy to sew together, can be glammed up if necessary, I already have a summer version in mind.