Saturday, July 21, 2012


Wrap around or side snap bodysuits for newborns seem to be rare in the US. But they are so practical during the first months! So I decided to make my own. For a first try I used a cheap knit from the local fabric store.

Cute, no? The snaps are missing, they are on the way. However, this is supposed to be size Newborn (=56cm), but I think it is for a very chubby newborn. Look, compared to an "official" size 56:

So the pattern (Ottobre, btw) needs a little tweaking. Once I get the hand of it I will be making them in bulk, since this super adorable Znok fabric is coming my way. Lots of it.....

Sprinkler fun

Bycicling in 100 degrees Farenheit can make you hot. Time to cool off...