Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Not the one you eat, but the shirt. The pattern is quite famous, for a reason..... it is  briljant!

 The color in the first picture is way off, the second one is more accurate.
The pattern has a one-piece collar, I did a 2-piece following these instructions. I am not sure if it is better, I will try the original 1-piece collar next time to compare.

I am particularly proud of the bias strip on the seam allowance, I managed to sew it in real neat, inspired by this blog post.
I really like the buttons, the pick up both the turquoise and the grey, unfortunately I broke one by trying to sew them on by machine. I guess you should tell the machine how wide the buttons are before you start sewing. I also was a victim of the sewing machine conspiracy: while sewing the second leg of the very last buttonhole, I ran out of bobbin thread. This always happens, in every project. You are as good as done, but the bobbin is done 2 inches earlier. Grrrr.....

Fabric: Robert kaufmann
Pattern: Ottobre "Apple"

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Snow White and things to come

 At the beginning of winter I bought Lillestoff's "Snow White", but somehow it did't turn into a piece of clothing. Until now:

A cute tunic/dress for the in-between season, 3/4 sleeves, pleats at the neckline.
Pattern: Ottobre 1/2014

I also made a sleeping bag for Saskia out of 2 layers or jersey and a quilt batting in between for warmth. The other day I heard someone say that if you work with materials like batting or fleece you should clean your machine afterwards. As I worked with both lately, I decided to do so. And look what I found under the stitch plate:

 I have never seen so much lint in my machine! I'm glad I cleaned it out.

As for things to come, this is a selection of projects to make first. And these are only knits, I also have a lot of wovens waiting....