Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A hoodie, a body warmer and a dress

It is hard to find fabrics for boys. For bigger boys, that is. The cute little baby prints are not appropriate anymore, stripes are boring, stars are more or less OK I guess. So when I saw this print I grabbed the opportunity.

Fabric: Lillestoff
Pattern: Ottobre Beagle Boy

The weather is still too cold for a body warmer, but one should be prepared, n'est-ce pas?

Dark blue fleece and a Dino Dudes leftover. I added some bright red accents: the decorative stitching done with the cover lock machine (not 100% happy with it, maybe I need more practice?), red piping in the back panels, red ribbing for the pockets and red snaps. Pattern: Ottobre Windy Days.

And then the dress that is actually not a dress. It is way too short, it hardly covers the diaper, but it is pretty cute as a tunic!

Fabric: Robert kaufmann Brussels Washer linen-rayon blend
Pattern: Ottobre